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Low-Carbon Cement and Concrete Demand and Legislation
by Nathan Forrest, California Nevada Cement Association

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Carbon Neutral - How Do We Get There? (ACI Fall 2021, Virtual Sessions) This talk will discuss the demand for low-carbon cement and concrete by architects and owners to achieve more sustainable structures. Also addressed will be current and proposed legislative and executive measures that would require lower carbon materials for public and private projects.

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November 28 - December 4

Crumbling Concrete Foundations Due to Pyrrhotite Bearing Aggregates in CT
by Kay Wille, University of Connecticut

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Deleterious Oxidation Reaction of Iron Sulfides in Concrete Aggregate (ACI Spring 2022, Orlando, FL)According to the Connecticut Department of Housing, upwards of 35,000 homes in eastern Connecticut face the potential for a failed concrete foundation. Visual inspections revealed map cracking, mineral deposition and discoloring as typical signs for a failed concrete foundation, which were poured from the same concrete supplier using iron-sulfide-bearing aggregates in their mix design. This presentation provides information about the deterioration mechanisms and shares information about the ongoing research at the University of Connecticut.

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