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Understanding the Workability of UHPC Mixture Designs
by Marllon Cook, Oklahoma State University

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Unlocking Workability Issues of UHPC (ACI Spring 2021 Convention, Virtual Sessions) Research currently being conducted at Oklahoma State University will be discussed to better understand the performance of UHPC with a focus on workability. Results from a wide range of tests such as rheology, compressive strength, modulus of elasticity, flexural strength, permeability, shrinkage, and durability, will be presented. The effects of mixture proportions on the UHPC performance, especially the rheological behavior, will be highlighted.

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November 1 - 7

Consolidation of Self-Consolidating Concrete in Precast/Prestress?
by G Terry Harris, GCP Applied Technologies

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Is SCC Consolidation-Free? (ACI Spring 2021 Convention, Virtual Sessions) SCC is used in most precast and prestressed concrete plants in North America. Applications vary from architectural pieces, underground utilities, double tees and beams for bridges. In many of these applications some vibration is necessary to achieve the desired result. The type and method of vibration in these applications is extremely important.

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