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Research in Progress (ACI Fall 2023, Boston, MA) Belitic calcium sulfoaluminate (BCSA) cements are alternative cements with rapid strength-gaining properties, which favor their use for infrastructure repair. Recently, BCSA’s low embodied carbon generated interest in its use for structural concrete. However, knowledge gaps around its engineering properties and durability limit its practical adoption. This research investigates chloride penetrability in BCSA cement, which has been questioned in recent literature. We use qualitative (electrical) and quantitative (diffusion-based) tests to measure chloride transport properties for a range of BCSA cement concretes. Qualitative test results suggest BCSA cements are more resistant to chloride penetration that portland cement (PC), but these results do not correlate with quantitative diffusion coefficients—probably due to changes in pore solution chemistry. Results also suggest that BCSA cements may have lower chloride binding capacity than PC. However, these results mainly indicate a need for more suitable testing protocols for chloride penetrability in non-PC systems.

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April 15 - 21

Overview of Recent Developments in Blast-Resistant Structural Concrete
Presented by: Matthew Gombeda, Illinois Institute of Technology

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Design of Concrete Structures for Blast Effects (ACI Fall 2023, Boston, MA) This presentation will highlight recent developments in the behavior, design, and analysis of blast-resistant reinforced and prestressed concrete structural components with a particular focus on forthcoming updates to the latest ACI 370R document. A brief overview of the fundamentals of blast design for structural concrete members, incorporating both traditional approaches and recent recommendations, will also be included in the context of generalized loading conditions, pertinent material properties, modeling approaches, response mechanisms and corresponding criteria, and select case and research studies. Applications for both cast-in-place and precast construction will be discussed - in addition to provisions for structural masonry. Lastly, future research needs and the development of applicable standards and design guidelines will be presented.

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