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240-TG3 - Calcined Clays Task Group

Committee Mission: The task group on calcined clays (CCL) seeks to provide a source of reliable information and reference for producers and professionals looking to incorporate calcined clays in their projects. Calcined clays are manufactured natural pozzolans, currently seen as one of the main strategies to decarbonize the cement and concrete industry worldwide due to their high reactivity and widespread availability. Calcined clay production already started in the US at industrial level, and several companies are currently looking into investment plants to begin production. It is expected that the market share of calcined clays in North America will largely surpass conventional (uncalcined) natural pozzolans in the next 5-to-10 years. The current infrastructure bill from the government has further increased the interest on production and use of calcined clays.

Goals: The goal of the task group is to develop documentation, initially in the form of short Tech Notes answering a specific technical question, oriented for industry and professionals looking for concise, clear information on calcined clay production and use as a supplementary cementitious material. Based on discussion within the main committee members, the following set of titles are considered: • Which clays are suitable to produce calcined clay? • How to assess the reactivity of calcined clays? • How to formulate blended cements containing calcined clays?

Chair: Franco Zunino

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