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564 - 3-D Printing with Cementitious Materials

Committee Mission: Develop and report information on three-dimensional printing (3-D) printing, or additive manufacturing with inorganic cementitious materials.

Goals: 1. Develop publications relating to additive manufacturing with cement-based materials. One focusing on “big picture” impact and challenges and the other focusing on construction applications. 2. Collaborate with ACI committees to disseminate AM information and determine ways AM may be integrated into the concrete community. 3. Collaborate with technical organizations outside of ACI, e.g., RILEM, ASTM, PCI (pre-cast), ISO, ASCE (SEI, EMI) to facilitate and coordinate information sharing. Foster discussion on research needs and challenges preventing AM from wide adoption in the concrete construction community. 4. Develop guidelines to evaluate materials and technology for AM.

Chair: Scott Jones

TAC Contact: Kamal Khayat

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Meeting Agenda & Approved Minutes
Meeting--October 21, 2019
Meeting--March 25, 2019
Meeting--October 15, 2018

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