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445-0B - Shear & Torsion-Seismic Shear

Committee Mission: To develop and report information on the response of members subjected to seismic shear.

Goals: 1. Maintain and update NEES shearwall database 2. Evaluate current provisions for shear failure for columns subjected to cyclic loads based on test data available in in ACI 369 databases 3. Identify and evaluate models currently available for stiffness and shear strength of walls and columns subjected to cyclic loads 4. Sponsor technical sessions related to seismic shear

Chair: Jeffrey Rautenberg

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Meeting Agenda & Approved Minutes
Meeting--March 28, 2021
Meeting--October 19, 2020
Meeting--October 20, 2019
Meeting--March 24, 2019
Meeting--March 25, 2018
Meeting--October 15, 2017
Meeting--March 26, 2017
Meeting--November 08, 2015
Meeting--April 12, 2015

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