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445-0A - Shear & Torsion-Strut & Tie

Committee Mission: To develop and report information on Strut-and-Tie Models.

Goals: 1. Develop a Special Publication that updates and adds to STM examples in SP 208 and SP 273 for compliance with 318-19. 2. Develop a session sponsored by 445 in which the updated examples described above are presented, including introductory material that describes the 445A Guide and STM changes for 318-19. 3. Develop STM -related change proposals for consideration by ACI 318E. 4. Investigate broadening of STM for non-traditional materials such as UHPC and carbon fiber reinforcement

Chair: Gary Klein

Upcoming Convention Sessions:
New and Updated Examples for Design Using the Strut-and-Tie Method, Part 1 of 2
ACI Spring Convention 2025 - Toronto, ON

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