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Committee Home

329 - Performance Criteria for Ready Mixed Concrete

Committee Mission: Develop and report information on performance criteria for ready-mixed concrete.

Goals: 1) See the ITG8 document through balloting and adoption by ACI 329; 2) Continue public relations campaign  to get the word about Performance-Based criteria  for Ready Mixed Concrete into the industry; 3) Work with ACI 301 and ACI 318 to create opportunities to incorporate alternative language  for performance-based  requirements into those documents; 4) Capture  the willingness of committee members to participate and use that to identify successors.

Chair: J Scott Keim

TAC Contact: Tracy Marcotte

Upcoming Open Meetings:
ACI Fall Convention 2018 - 10/17/2018 9:30 AM-11:30 AM - Jaguar A-B, Las Vegas, NV

Upcoming Convention Sessions:
Performance Criteria for Ready Mixed Concrete: Where Are We Today?
ACI Fall Convention 2018 - Las Vegas, NV

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