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318-1W - Wind Provisions

Committee Mission: Develop and maintain building code requirements for concrete structures subjected to wind loads.

Goals: 1: Develop information on stiffness modification factors for linear analysis of reinforced concrete structures subjected to wind loads. 2: Using recent research on reinforced concrete link beams, develop appropriate code change proposals. 3: Develop modeling, detailing, and material related provisions for reinforced concrete shear walls. 4: Identify research needs that promote performance-based wind design of reinforced concrete structures.

Chair: Viral Patel

Work Folders (ACI)

Meeting Agenda & Approved Minutes
Meeting--April 03, 2023
Meeting--October 24, 2022
Meeting--March 28, 2022
Meeting--October 18, 2021
Meeting--March 29, 2021
Meeting--October 26, 2020
Meeting--March 30, 2020
Meeting--October 21, 2019

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