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222-0A - Exposure Classes, Chloride Limits and Design Criteria

Committee Mission: Develop, integrate research and report chloride limits, exposure classes and recommended design criteria for mitigating corrosion in new reinforced concrete structures with the purposes of providing direct referenceable materials to other ACI committees, and to make more uniform information regarding corrosion parameters in ACI documents on the subjects.

Goals: 1. Develop a brief committee report for main committee acceptance that provides tables associated with chloride limits, exposures classes and recommended design criteria, as well as brief information for use of the tables. 2. Evaluate new information from emerging research to make recommendations to the main committee for updating specific tables on an as-needed basis and with a frequency that closely matches the state of industry knowledge. 3. Work with other committees via liaisons and subcommittee membership for the purpose of considering impact to the committees that are expected to most prominently draw from the information (201, 321, 318).

Chair: David Trejo

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