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93-09 - ITG-9 Concrete Wind Turbine Towers

Committee Mission: To guide the development of the concrete tower technology in the United States and incorporate knowledge from international codes and the wind industry for concrete tower design.

Goals: 1) Gather a committee of experts knowledgeable in the wind turbine and concrete industry to provide input on the ITG document. 2) Consider strategic alliances with other groups that have a shared interest in the growth of the CWTT market. 3) Compile and review worldwide standards (final and in development) for wind turbine towers, particularly any concrete-related standards. 4) Develop a document for direct use by the wind turbine industry (owners, engineers, contractors) to provide guidance on the analysis, design and construction of concrete wind turbine towers. 5)Consider potential certification of designs (or really design approaches) to meet the needs of the owner/financing/insurance industry dealing with CWTT.

TAC Contact: Andrew Taylor

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Meeting Agenda & Approved Minutes
Meeting--November 09, 2015
Meeting--April 13, 2015