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MISSION:    The association is not for profit and carries out its activity in the field of scientific research of particular social interest through publications, conferences, competitions, conventions, study trips, advanced courses, collection of technical-scientific documentation and any other suitable means. This activity will be aimed at collecting, processing and disseminating notions and information for the improvement of the design, construction techniques, manufacturing, use and conservation of structures and products with cement matrix.


MEETINGS/EDUCATION/SOCIAL EVENTS:  Various educational seminars are conducted annually



PhD Student Award:  Innovation in Concrete Structures and Cementitious Materials aims at favoring the mutual understanding and cooperation between Research and Building Industry and Professions.

Memorial Award of Prof. Luca Bertolin:  Aims to keep the memory of Professor Luca Bertolini alive and his passion for research in the construction materials sector and their durability


STUDENT CHAPTER SPONSORED:  DICA@Politecnico di Milano student chapter