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What steps are taken in the repair of concrete structures?

Q. What steps are taken in the repair of concrete structures?


A. A basic understanding of the underlying causes of concrete deficiencies and degradation mechanisms (ACI 201.2R) is essential to performing meaningful evaluations and successful repairs. The first step is to evaluate the current condition of the concrete structure. The procedure that may be used for evaluating concrete structures before rehabilitation is given in ACI 364.1R. Visual observations and other supporting data are used to determine the mechanism(s) that caused the problem. This information is used in selecting the method and materials for the repair. A repair or rehabilitation project will usually involve removal of deteriorated, damaged, or defective concrete. Guidance is provided in ACI 546R, ACI 562 and ACI 555R. ACI 563 specification covers repair of concrete in existing structures.


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Topics in Concrete: Cracking in Concrete; Durability of Concrete; Repair of Concrete

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