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ACI PRC-304.2S-96 Placing Concrete by Pumping Methods - Spanish Language
304.2RS-96 Bombeo de concreto, versión en español

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This report describes pumps for transporting and placing concrete. Rigid and flexible pipelines are discussed and couplings and other accessories described. Recommendations for proportioning pumpable concrete suggest optimum gradation of aggregates; outline water, cement, and admixture requirements; and emphasize the need for evaluation of trial mixes for pumpability. The importance of saturating lightweight aggregates is stressed. Suggestions are given for layout of lines; for maintaining uniform delivery rate, as well as uniform quality of concrete at the end of the line; and for cleaning out pipelines. This report does not cover shotcreting or pumping of nonstructural insulating or cellular concrete.

Keywords: admixtures; aggregate gradation; aggregates; cement content; coarse aggregates; concrete construction; concretes; conveying; couplings; fine aggregates; fineness modulus; lightweight aggregate concrete; lightweight aggregates; mix proportioning; pipeline; placing; placing boom; pozzolans; pumped concrete; pumps; quality control; water content.


Document Details

Author: Translated by: IMCYC

Publication Year: 2014

Pages: 50


Categories: Placing

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 -- Introduction

Chapter 2 -- Pumping equipment

2.1 -- Piston pumps

2.2 -- Types of valves

2.3 -- Trailer pumps

2.4 -- Truck-mounted concrete pumps

2.5 -- Placing booms

2.6 -- Specialized equipment

2.7 -- Safety

Chapter 3 -- Pipelines and accessories

3.1 -- General description

3.2 -- System pressure capacity

3.3 -- Rigid placing line - Straight sections, bends, and elbows

3.4 -- System Connection

3.5 -- Flexible system - Hose types and applications

3.6 -- Concrete placing system accessories

Chapter 4 -- Proportioning pumpable concrete

4.1 -- Basic considerations

4.2 -- Normal weight aggregates

4.3 -- Lightweight aggregates

4.4 -- Water and slump

4.5 -- Cement materials

4.6 -- Admixtures

4.7 -- Fiber reinforcement

4.8 -- Trial mixes

4.9 -- Testing for pumpability

Chapter 5 -- Field practices

5.1 -- General

5.2 -- Pipeline concrete placement

5.3 -- Powered boom placement

Chapter 6 -- Field control

Chapter 7 -- References

7.1 -- Recommended references

7.2 -- Cited references

7.3 -- Other references


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