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Title: Deformation Demand of Precast Concrete Frame Building with Ductile Connection

Author(s): S.-Y. Seo, N. M. Hawkins, and L.-H. lee

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 193


Appears on pages(s): 673-688

Keywords: ductility; plastic hinge; precast concrete

DOI: 10.14359/9952

Date: 8/1/2000

This study evaluates the nonlinear response characteristics of precast concrete frame buildings where plastic hinging occurs in the connection between the precast elements. Buildings of 5, 10, and 15 stories were designed for moderate seismic risk regions of the U.S. Analysis were carried out using DRAIN-2DX (1992) and following the nonlinear static analysis procedure of ATC 19 (1997). The main variables of the analysis were the strength and stiffness of the connection. The tri-linear response model, developed by Shan Shi and D. Foutch (1997) was used for the analysis. It was shown that the strengths of the buildings, as well as their displacement capacities, decrease with as either the strength or stiffness in the connection decreases. This requires for reduction in the response modification factors for such buildings. However, if plastic hinging occurs in a connection of the precast concrete frame, that exhibit a more ductile behavior than the monolithic concrete frame, then no reduction in the response modification factor would be necessary. The rotational ductility required of the connection to achieve that condition can be determined from a nonlinear static analysis.