Evaluating Concrete Sands: Five Tests to Determine Quality


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Title: Evaluating Concrete Sands: Five Tests to Determine Quality

Author(s): R. D. Gaynor and R. C. Meininger

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 5

Issue: 12

Appears on pages(s): 53-60

Keywords: aggregate gradation; aggregate shape and texture; evaluation; fine aggregates; fineness modulus; mica; sands; sieve analysis; tests; voids; water.

Date: 12/1/1983

Presents a series of routine tests developed by the NSGA-NRMCA Joint Research Laboratory for the evaluation of concrete sands. Included are grading, sand equivalent, mica content, particle shape by loose void content and flow cone, and a rotating vane-type attrition test. Results are reported for a large number of sand samples from all over the United States. Sands that deviate from accepted norms are often subjected to further studies such as petrographic examination or laboratory evaluation in mortars or concrete.