Hipped Plate Construction


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Title: Hipped Plate Construction

Author(s): George Winter and Minglung Pei

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 43

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 505-532

Keywords: none

Date: 1/1/1947

Discusses and illustrates a method of design and construction increasingly used in Europe since the early thirties, but hardly known in this country. Named Faltwerke abroad, such structures consist of rigid reinforced concrete boxes made up of slabs joining at various angles, without the aid of beams or girders. In view of the considerable rigidity of the box as a whole, such structures can be made to bridge considerable spans without intermediate supports in the form of columns, frames, or trusses. The type of construction is particularly applicable to bunkers, long span roofs, hangars, and the like. Paper is essentially a digest of the extensive European literature on the subject. It aims to discuss the essential design procedures, though not pretending to be complete with regard to questions of somewhat secondary importance. Originality is only claimed in the development of an appropriate, simplifying distribution method, the introduction of a consistent sign convention, and other substantial, practical simplifications. Examples of erected structures are illustrated, a design example is given, and an extensive foreign bibliography is appended.