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Title: Some Properties of Portland Pozzolana Cements

Author(s): George L. Kalousek and C. H. Jumper

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 40


Appears on pages(s): 145-164


DOI: 10.14359/8653

Date: 11/1/1943

An investigation was made of I2 portland-poz-zolan, (including 2 laboratory blends), I natural and 2 standard portland cements. The cements were tested for part, or all, of the following: strengths, resistance to corn binations of cycles of freezing, thawing, drying, and soaking; also length changes during alternate wetting and drying, resistance to sulfate solutions, linear changes in autoclave tests, and heats of hydration. Chemical analyses were also made. The commercial Portland-pozzolan cements showed strengths approximating, and in some cases ex- ceeding, those required by specifications for standard portland cements. Nearly the same linear changes were shown by all the cements in alternate wetting and drying tests. The Portland-pozzolan cements showed better resistance to a IO percent sodium sulfate solution than the portland cements, at 4 weeks, but at later ages the results tended to be the same. The heats of hydration and resistance to cycles of freezing, thawing and drying [65 C (150 F)] of the Portland-pozzolan cements did not compare unfavorablv with those of the standard portland c e m e n t s . ’ .


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