An Analytical Approach to Fire Engineering Design of Concrete Structures


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Title: An Analytical Approach to Fire Engineering Design of Concrete Structures

Author(s): Y. Anderberg, S.E. Magnusson, 0. Pettersson, S. Thelanders-son, and U. Wickstrom

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 55


Appears on pages(s): 409-438

Keywords: fire ratings; fire resistance; prestressed concrete; reinforced concrete; properties fire tests; heat transfer; structural design; thermal

Date: 8/1/1978

The principles are presented for the main types of the dif- . ferentiated, structural fire engineering design systems, in practice at present or anticipated to be applied in the future. Such design systems are generally based on real fire exposure characteristics, given by the gastemperature-time curves of the complete fire process and specified in detail with respect to the influence of fire load and the geometri-cal, ventilation and thermal properties of the fire compartment. The design procedure can be in its entirety analytical or combined analyti-cal and experimental. In the latter case, real fire exposure conditions can be transferred to the heating conditions according to the standard fire resistance test via the concept equivalent time of fire duration. Starting from the present state of knowledge, the possibilities are discussed for a practical application of a complete analytical, diffe-rentiated design in regard to fire exposed, reinforced and prestressed concrete structures. Finally, the various sources and kinds of uncer-tainty in the differentiated design procedure are briefly dealt with within the framework of the structural fire safety problem.