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Title: Deflection of Waffle Slabs Under Gravity and In-Plane Loads

Author(s): Xuerun Ji, Sheng-Jin Chen, Ti Huang, and Le-Wu Lu

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 86


Appears on pages(s): 283-294

Keywords: concrete slabs; deflection; elastic analysis; lateral pressure; loads (forces); models; reinforced concrete; shear properties; stiffness; thickness; waffle slabs.

Date: 8/1/1985

The deflection characteristics of waffle slab panels have been studied experimentally and analytically for three cases of loading: gravity load, in-plane shear, and combined gravity and shear. Scaled reinforced concrete model slabs have been tested with the gravity and shear loads applied either separately or simultaneously. Elastic finite element analysis has been made to study the deflections of the test slabs before cracking. Add-itional analytical studies have also been carried out using a method of "equivalent thickness", in which the waffle slab is re-placed by a slab of uniform thickness for computation.


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