Machine Application of Polymer Concrete for Highway Repairs


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Title: Machine Application of Polymer Concrete for Highway Repairs

Author(s): Danny Marsh, W. J. Simonsen, and D. W. Fowler

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 89


Appears on pages(s): 1-18

Keywords: concrete pavements; concrete slabs; costs; cracking (fracturing); equipment; joints (junctions); methyl methacrylate; patching; polymer concrete; precast concrete; repairs; safety.

Date: 12/1/1985

Polymer concrete has been used for years to repair portland cement concrete. A monomer system is mixed with well-graded aggregate and placed in the repair area. After the monomer cures, a strong durable material is produced which bonds well to portland cement concrete. Special mixing and placing equipment was developed for a large pavement repair job in Houston. Longi-tudinal cracks, longitudinal lane-shoulder joint separations, spalls, punch-outs, and other types of damage were repaired.