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Title: Chemical Structures and Performance of New High-Range Water-Reducing and Air-Entraining Agents

Author(s): M. Shonaka, K. Kitagawa, H. Satoh, T. lzumi and T. Mizunuma

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 173


Appears on pages(s): 599-614

Keywords: Adsorption; high-strength concrete; superplasticizers; workability

DOI: 10.14359/6204

Date: 9/1/1997

High range water reducing agents (superplasticizers), in general, adsorb on the surface of cement particles and disperse the particles by means of electric force. Recently, the authors have developed a new type of high range water reducing agents which have characteristically long chains of polyethylene oxides (EO) as branches. When the new molecules adsorb on the particles, it is considered that long EO chains are expanded in the water / cement mixture and that each particle disperse due to their steric repulsion instead of electric. So, it can bring good workability to the concrete mix and retain fluidity for a longer period without retarding on the setting. Therefore, it can be applied to various concrete, such as high and ultra high strength concrete.