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Title: Rheological Properties of Self-Compacting, High-Performance Concrete

Author(s): Hoom Kim, Yon-Dong Park, Jaeho Noh, Yongsum Song, Chungho Han and Suckhwa Kang

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 172


Appears on pages(s): 653-668

Keywords: binders (materials), plastics, polymers and resins; rheological properties; self compacting concrete; viscosity

DOI: 10.14359/6157

Date: 12/1/1999

To investigate the rheological properties of binders for self-compacting high-performance concrete, six mixtures of self-compacting concrete were initially prepared and tested to estimate their self-compacting property. Then, the binders used in self-compacting concrete were tested for rheological properties using a rotary rheometer. Binders with different water-binder ratios and flow values were also examined to evaluate their rheological characteristics. The binders were composed of normal portland cement, fly ash, two types of ground blast-furnace slag, and limestone powder. The flow curves of binders were obtained by the rotary rheometer with shear rate control. Slump flow, O-funnel time, Box, and L-flow tests were used to estimate self-compacting property of concrete. The flow curves of binders for self-compacting concrete have negligible yield stresses and show an approximately linear behavior at higher shear rates beyond certain limits. Test results also indicate that the binders incorporating fly ash are more appropriate than the other types of binders for quality control of self-compacting concrete.


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