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Title: Studies on High-Performance Concrete and Its Application

Author(s): Lin Baoyu, Shan Guoliang and Cai Yuebo

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 172


Appears on pages(s): 485-494

Keywords: Durability; high-performance concretes; mechanical properties; mix proportioning

DOI: 10.14359/6148

Date: 12/1/1999

This paper deals with the mixture proportions of high perform-ance concrete (HPC), and its mechanical properties, durability and applica-tion in projects. Compared with normal Portland cement concrete (NPC) with the same cement content, HPC has following advantages: its compressive strength at 28-day is increased by 52~ 56%, tensile strength at 28-day by 34%, resistance to freezing-thawing by 10 times, impermeability by 6~ 15 times, resistance to carbonation increased by over 5 times, resistance to chloride-ion by over 10 times, protection of rebar from corrosion of chloride by 50 times, resistance to abrasion erosion by 0.5~ 2.5 times and resistance to cavitation by 3- 6 times. By using suitable expanding admixture to compen-sate for early shrinkage, shrinkage of HPC is less than that of NPC, thus its dimentional stability is superior. Based upon results from 6 projects, it can be stated that HPC has good workability, and very little bleeding, and construc-tion quality could be easily controlled. Satisfactory results have been achieved after its 2~ 9 years of service.