Applications of High-Performance Concrete for Ultra -Thin Pavement Overlays (White-Topping)


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Title: Applications of High-Performance Concrete for Ultra -Thin Pavement Overlays (White-Topping)

Author(s): J. T. Balbo

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 186


Appears on pages(s): 731-744

Keywords: concrete overlay; high-performance concretes; pavement

Date: 5/1/1999

Employment of High Performance Concrete (HPC) for thin overlays construction for aged flexible pavements has become a reality during the 90's, specially in USA and some northwest European countries. While whitetopping old pavements was a technique employed from earlier decades of the twenty century, the construction of ultra-thin concrete overlays (by 100 mm) for rehabilitation of pavements has been enhanced by the availability of technology for manufacturing HPC and the possibility of fast tracking. Ultra-thin whitetopping is a technique requiring several field conditions to be met concerning the old asphalt pavement in order to perform well as an overlay. They are full bond condition at the interface of HPC and asphalt concrete (generally provided by milling), asphalt concrete without fatigue cracking and rational joint spacing. All these factors, by the other hand, must be taken into account on the basis of the peculiar resistance of the HPC are going to be used. Within this context, in this paper is presented a study with regard to the HPC strength to be achieved for UTW purposes, supported by a numerical analysis based on a finite element solution for slabs-on-grade and taking into account the elastic properties position. An international review of HPC applied on whitetoppings around the world is also presented that includes recent works in this field.