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Title: Use Of Locally Available Aggregates For High-Strength, High Abrasion-Resistant Concrete in Slovenia SLOVENIA

Author(s): M. Simon and J. Elih

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 186


Appears on pages(s): 201-212

Keywords: abrasion resistance; freezing resistance; high-strength concretes

DOI: 10.14359/5557

Date: 5/1/1999

The paper reports on the results of a research project aimed at assessing the applicability of aggregate from the NE region of Slovenia, where igneous rock is found, for the production of high-strength concrete with high abrasion resistance. A comprehensive investigation has been carried out into the mechanical properties and durability of such concrete, and the results of tests are presented for compressive and flexural strength, modulus of elasticity, abrasion resistance, freezing and thawing durability, shrinkage strain, creep and watertightness. The experimental study takes into account concrete mixtures with W/C varying from .30 to .70 and different chemical admixtures ensuing resistance to freezing and strength increase. No supplementary cementing materials have been used. The study has shown that the investigated aggregate can be used for the production of concrete meeting the requirements for strength and durability set by the relevant standards for concretes used in road pavements.


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