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Title: Design and Persormance of Bridge Cap Beam/Column Using Headed Reinforcement and Mechanical Couplers

Author(s): S. Sritharan, J. Ingham, M. Priestley, and F. Seible

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 184


Appears on pages(s): 7-22

Keywords: cap beam; column; footing; reinforcement.

DOI: 10.14359/5506

Date: 11/1/1999

The application of headed reinforcement as a replacement for conventional reinforcement was investigated in two projects relating to the seismic design of bridges. In the first project, a test unit composed of a column, cap beam, footing and knee joint was designed entirely with headed reinforcement, and in footing and knee joint was designed entirely with headed reinforcement, and in the second project a test unit representative of a multi-column bridge bent was investigated, having a cap beam design utilizing both headed reinforcement and a mechanical coupler system. In both investigations the use of recently developed reinforcement products facilitated simplified detailing, particularly in the cap beam/column joint region, resulting in reduced reinforcement congestion the joint zone and improved constructability. The design and performance of the test units under simulated seismic loading are presented.