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Title: 349.2R-97: Embedment Design Examples


Publication: Technical Documents



Appears on pages(s): 26

Keywords: anchorage


Date: 10/16/1997


Note: 349.2R-97 is available in PDF format only. However, a newer version of this document exists. This document was replaced by 349.2R-07.

This report presents a spectrum of design examples of steel embedments based on Appendix B of ACI 349-85. Appendix B ws developed to better define the design requirements for steel embedments. Revisions are periodically made to the code as a result of on-going research and testing. As with other concrete building codes, the designor embedments attempts to assure a ductile failure mode so that the reinforcement yields before the concrete crushes. In embedments designed for direct loading, the concrete pull-out strength must be greater than the strength of the tensile stress component. Appendix B also covers cases where ductile failure modes cannot be assured, by reducing the allowable load carrying capacity to assure a larger factor of safety. The format for each example follows the format of the Strength Design Handbook, SP-17, and provides a reference back to the code paragraph for each calculation procedure.