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Title: Effect of Interaction Between Superplasticizer and Foaming Agent on Pore Size Structure of Super Absorbent Porous Concrete Used in Sponge City

Author(s): Weifeng Feng, Guibo Gao

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 355


Appears on pages(s): 439-446

Keywords: PCE, foaming agent, pore structure, water absorption

DOI: 10.14359/51736051

Date: 7/1/2022

Sponge city is also called “water-elastic city” because of its good flexibility in adapting to environmental changes and coping with natural disasters caused by rain. When it rains, the water can be absorbed and stored, and when needed, the stored water can be released and used. Sponge city can not only solve the outstanding problems such as waterlogging disasters, rainwater runoff pollution, and water resource shortages, but also help to restore the urban water ecological environment and bring comprehensive ecological environmental benefits, is one kind of ecology sustainable development city pattern. In the construction of sponge city, the concrete material with high water absorption and water storage is an extremely important building material. In this paper, the effects of different superplasticizer and foaming agents on the properties of porous water-absorbing and water-storing concrete materials are studied, and the influence of the interaction between superplasticizer and chemical foaming agent on its pore structure, compressive strength, and water absorption and water holding capacity was analyzed.