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Title: UHPC as an Environmentally-Friendly Concrete Material

Author(s): Tzabari

Publication: Web Session

Volume: ws_S22_Tzabari1.pdf


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Date: 3/28/2022

Ultra-high-performance concrete, environmentally conscious concrete design, and alternative or supplementary cementitious materials have all been large focuses of the ACI Fall 2021 Convention; however, as each topic has its own separate presentation session, the interaction of these three elements has not been explicitly discussed. The “UHPC – Student Experiences” session planned for Spring 2022 can change that. As an undergraduate at the University of Alabama, the presenter worked for years in two very different concrete-based labs: one lab focused on naturally occurring pozzolanic materials’ effects on traditional concrete’s performance and microstructure, while the other lab researched UHPC’s uses for structural enhancement of buildings subject to extreme loading conditions. It generally appears that the two aspects of concrete research have nothing in common. Now, after recently graduating from a master’s program focused on UHPC and working for National Cement’s UHPC design and climate goals teams, the presenter would like to show how interlocking these interests builds a fascinating path forward to sustainable, resilient communities. This presentation explains how UHPC can protect lives, the environment, and an owner’s wallet; how UHPC mix design is being reevaluated in the face of evolving knowledge on SCMs; and hopefully provides a unique perspective on leveraging multiple technologies to best achieve our climate-focused goals. Some advice for students currently working with or interested in getting involved with UHPC will also be shared.