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Title: Effects of Nanomaterials on Engineering Performance of a Siliconate-Based Sealer for Cementitious Composite

Author(s): Li

Publication: Web Session

Volume: ws_S22_Li.pdf


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Date: 3/28/2022

Currently, there is an urgent demand for more effective sealers to preserve the integrity and durability of concrete infrastructure in aggressive environments, such as bridge decks subjected to increasing traffic volume and increasing use of chloride-based deicers. To this end, this laboratory study employed graphene oxide and montmorillonite nanoclay together to enhance the engineering performance of a penetrating sealer based on potassium methyl siliconate (PMS). The combined use of 0.15 wt% Na-montmorillonite nanoclay and 0.06 wt% graphene oxide in the PMS sealer resulted in the best performance, decreasing the water absorption coefficient and gas permeability coefficient. It also increased the water contact angle and viscosity, decreased penetration depth of the PMS sealer, and reduced the scaling depth of mortar samples after freeze/thaw cycles. The synergistic effect of these two 2D nanomaterials on the performance of other sealers (siloxane and lithium silicate) were also explored. In addition, a few other key performance metrics were explored, including water retention ability, water permeability, surface hardness, and abrasion resistance. The mechanisms underlying the observed improvements in the engineering performance of the sealers were investigated, using advanced tools (FTIR, TGA/DSC, SEM/EDS, and NMR).