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Title: The Challenges and Opportunities of New Materials and Advanced Numerical Tools for the Development of Innovative and Sustainable Built Environment (A Portuguese Vision)

Author(s): Joaquim Barros

Publication: Web Session

Volume: ws_F21_Barros.pdf


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Date: 10/20/2021

During the last decades significant advances have been made on new reinforcements for increasing the durability and life cycle of concrete structures. By restraining the crack width, fiber reinforcement is opening new opportunities for the development of innovative systems, not only for new construction, but also for the rehabilitation. By using more efficient fibers or more than one type of fibers (hybrid fiber reinforcement) and proper matrices, the complete elimination of conventional steel reinforcements is being explored not only to decrease significantly the deadweight of the construction system, but also to speed up its production. However, innovation is required on the mixing methodology of fiber reinforced cement-based materials (FRC) by taking advantage of the artificial intelligence, on the production technology in order to orient the fibers for an efficient use of their reinforcement mechanisms by using advanced prefabrication industry, and on the modeling and design by simulating reliably the phenomena governing the serviceability and ultimate limit design scenarios. Fibers from tire recycling industry have also been used with notable efficiency for producing thin panels. However, the control of the geometry and mechanical properties of these fibers at the end of the recycling process, as well the technology of their addition during the production process of the panels or other constructions systems must be improved to justify the cost investment on the recycling process.