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Title: The Bridges in Italy: State of The Art, Case Studies, Research in Progress and Rational Approaches to Select Intervention Priorities

Author(s): Prisco

Publication: Web Session

Volume: ws_F21_Prisco.pdf


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Date: 10/20/2021

The collapse risk is a factor associated to the construction of any structure or infrastructure: maintenance and monitoring are actions aimed at reducing this risk, but they cannot reduce it to zero. The lack of a plan of maintenance procedures, established by the designer at the construction time, jointed to the neglecting of robustness principle in the conceptual design as well as of some possible extreme events correlated to the infrastructure far- and near-field are the main causes of the collapses observed. The lack of a generalized consent of the technical and scientific community on the procedures to be pursued at the end of the expected life contribute also to increase the scattering of safety conditions in many infrastructures used in the road traffic. After a generalized discussion on the main causes of collapse occurred in Italy, the significant difference between the railway from the road infrastructures is proposed. An analysis of few case studies like that one of Annone overpass, or that one on SP10 crossing the highway A14 near Ancona, as well as a discussion on the uncertainties in the diagnosis of historical bridges like Azzone bridge or on the critical aspects met in the design of intervention on relatively old bridges made of steel or post-tensioned reinforced concrete will be instrumental at giving a faceted overview of this complex problem that the next Model Code will try to deal with an organic vision. Finally, a brief nod on the main activities in progress to overcome this critical situation at both regional and national levels is outlined.