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Title: Rehabilitation of Longitudinal Joints of Double-Tee Bridges

Author(s): Lucas M. Bohn

Publication: Web Session

Volume: BohnSpring2018.pdf


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Date: 3/26/2018

Prestressed precast double-tee (DT) bridges are the most common type of bridges on South Dakota local roads. They are also common in the neighboring states. Longitudinal girder-to-girder joints of many of DT bridges have deteriorated after a few years of service mainly due to insufficient detailing. Twenty joint rehabilitation alternatives were developed and two were selected for bridge system testing: (1) a continuous joint reinforced with wire mesh and filled with latex modified concrete (LMC), and (2) discrete pockets reinforced with steel bars and filled with ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC). A 50-ft long full-scale conventional DT bridge was constructed and tested under AASHTO fatigue loadings. The longitudinal joint of the bridge was subsequently rehabilitated using the two detailing, each was incorporated on one-half of the bridge length. Fatigue and ultimate testing of the rehabilitated bridge showed that the both proposed joint rehabilitation methods are structurally viable. The presentation highlights the detailing and performance of both conventional and rehabilitated DT bridges, and a summary of findings will be presented.