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Title: Testing Concept for the Investigation of the Long-Term Durability of Textile Reinforced Concrete

Author(s): Arne Spelter, Sergej Rempel, Norbert Will, and Josef Hegger

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 326


Appears on pages(s): 55.1-55.10

Keywords: fiber reinforced polymer (FRP), long-term durability, non-metallic reinforcements, testing concept, textile reinforced concrete (TRC)

DOI: 10.14359/51711038

Date: 8/10/2018


Textile reinforced concrete (TRC) is a high-performance composite material made of impregnated filaments and a concrete matrix with a longer service life compared to steel reinforced concrete. Due to the non-corrosive reinforcement it is possible to reduce the concrete cover and realize slender and architectural attractive concrete structures. In addition, resources and CO2-emissions can be saved.

Despite the non-corrosive reinforcement, a loss of strength occurs over the service life due to environmental impacts. Therefore, a testing concept is required to determine a reduction factor that takes the loss of strength during the service life into account. This enables a safe design of textile reinforced concrete structures.

A testing concept for TRC is derived from existing concepts for fiber reinforced polymers (FRP). Available concepts (e.g. ACI 440.3R-12, ASTM 7337, CSA S806-12, ISO 10406-1) differentiate between creep rupture and alkaline resistance. Therefore, a test setup was derived which combines the existing concepts and enables the determination of the long-term durability of non-metallically reinforced concrete structures. The long-term durability is defined as a constant stress on a reinforcement that can be applied during the service life without a failure of the reinforcement.