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Title: Troubleshooting and Improving Pavement Performance in Michigan

Author(s): Daniel M. DeGraaf

Publication: Web Session



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Date: 7/23/2018

Concrete pavements are an important pavement type for a range of applications—from lightly loaded streets to heavily loaded roadways and airfield facilities. It is becoming an established practice in the United States to require that concrete pavements provide low maintenance service lives of 40 or more years irrespective of the application. Long-life concrete pavements have been attainable for a long time (as evidenced by the fact that a number of very old pavements remain in service); and recent advances in design, construction, and concrete materials technology give us the knowledge and technology needed to consistently achieve what we already know to be attainable. To achieve long life, pavements must not exhibit premature failures and must have a reduced potential for cracking, faulting, spalling, and materials related distress. However, even though it is not a widespread occurrence, concrete pavements do once in a while exhibit premature or early-age failures, reducing the service life of the facility at a cost to the owners and facility users as well as creating a potential for litigation between the different parties involved in the affected projects. The proposed two-part technical sessions will include presentations by nationally recognized concrete materials, pavement design, and pavement construction experts on concrete pavement premature failures case studies and best practices to minimize or eliminate premature failures in concrete pavements. The session is targeted at concrete pavement, materials, and construction engineering professionals who are involved in various aspects of concrete pavement design, construction, testing and evaluation, and rehabilitation. These professionals include state and municipal engineers, consulting engineers, contractors, concrete materials suppliers, and academia.