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Title: ECADA test for the characterization of the bond of prestressed reinforcement

Author(s): Martí Vargas, J.R.; Serna Ros, P.; Fernández Prada, M.A.; Miguel Sosa, P.F.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 54

Issue: 230

Appears on pages(s): 57 - 69



Date: 1/8/2003

A new test method (ECADA) has been designed for the characterization of the prestressed reinforcement bond to concrete that allows to reproduce sequentially on the same piece of concrete the transfer operations of concrete pretensioning and start in order to analyze the bond behavior by transfer and by anchoring. This test method combines simultaneously features of simplicity, reliability, economy and representativeness, and it does not require to use measurement devices inside the elements to be tested, in this way, the bond phenomenon is not distorted. The method ECADA is susceptible of standardization and it is applicable as much for the determination of transmission and anchorage lengths of prestressed, in standard or constructions conditions, as for the quality control through test of acceptance-rejection.

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