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Title: The uniaxial tensile test for steel fibre reinforced concrete

Author(s): Barragán, B.E.; Gettu, R.; Zerbino, R.L.; Martín, M.A.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 52

Issue: 221

Appears on pages(s): 125 - 134



Date: 1/5/2001

A RILEM Recommendation (2001) has been proposed for obtaining the tensile stress versus crack opening response of steel fibre reinforced concrete, which is probably the most important aspect of its mechanical performance. The present study analyses the robustness of the recommended test through a parametric study of the geometrical characteristics of the specimen. Furthermore, the methodology is extrapolated to cores extracted from cast elements. Also, the effect of the coring direction with respect to the preferential fibre orientation caused by the vibration during compaction is examined. Concepts such as relative crack face rotation, effective fibre count and equivalent post-peak tensile strength are introduced to analyse the behaviour and to obtain parameters for practical applications.

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