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Title: A sculpture by Roy Lichtenstein

Author(s): Cobián Babé, I.; Fernández Gómez, M.A.; Rui-Wamba Martija, J.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 46

Issue: 196

Appears on pages(s): 157 - 160



Date: 1/3/1995

One of the attractives in the Barcelona of the 92 has been the sculpture made by the american artist Roy Lichtenstein, thet is placed in the surroundings of the port and whose height is close to 20 m. The process of the definition of the geometry, the conception and choice of the materials, and the subsequent construction of the sculpture from a model on 1:12 scale given by the artist, are analyzed in the communication. The material of the sculpture is concrete reinforced with stainless steel fibres, that improves its behaviour in tension and keep secure a durability to the body of the sculpture. Moreoverm the rough resistant surface ,akes easy the adherence of the ceramic pieces that cover the concrete. The complexity and size of the work, with a total weight close to 110 tons., annuled the possibility of constructing the sculpture in one piece. The use of the precast segments technique, frecuent in the case of prestressed concrete bridges with big spans, was decided. The sculpture was divided in segments with appropiate dimensions for their fabrication and transport to the site. The joining of the several pieces was made by a sown with nine tendons constitutes each one by four strands of 0,6 inches.

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