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Title: Construction of the access viaduct from Puerto Real side to Constitución de 1812 Bridge over the Cadiz Bay

Author(s): Pascual Santos, J.; Pajuelo Gallardo, D.; Carnerero Ruiz, A.; Borja Mendizábal del Arco, F. de; Campos Acebo, P.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 67

Issue: 278

Appears on pages(s): 221 - 234

Keywords: Concrete bridge, Sequential construction, Prestressing


Date: 1/3/2016

Relevant features in the design and construction of the access viaduct from Puerto Real side to Constitución de 1812 Bridge are described in this paper. It is a continuous prestressed concrete structure with a total length of 1.200,75m, which extends from the abutment 2 to the connection with the cable stayed spans. Closer area to abutment 2 is a voided slab with standard span of 40m, cross section 2m deep, and maximum width of 35,85m. Span by span construction with falsework on the ground was developed for the total width of the deck. Closer area to cable stayed spans is a 3m deep three-cell box cross section with span lengths up to 75m. A span by span sequence with arcaded falsework was carried out for cross section's central cell, and cantilevers at both sides were then constructed with a form traveller system.

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