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Title: A new dissipator for seismic design. Part II: response of S.D.O.F. non-standard dual systems

Author(s): Cahís Carola, X.; Torres Llinás, Ll.; Bozzo Rotondo, L.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 52

Issue: 220

Appears on pages(s): 57 - 67



Date: 1/3/2001

The behavior of a new elastoplastic shear link dissipator has been analyzed in the first part of this paper. This second part describes experimental and numerical studies for a SDOF non-standard dual system protected with shear dissipators. High and intermediate stiff dual systems with this device have presented smaller values of the shear base force and the interstory drift when compared to linear and elastic systems response. It has been appreciated that most of introduced energy is dissipated when a low ratio between the main frame stiffness and dissipation system stiffness is hold. It has been also observed that a higher ratio between the dissipator yielding force and the total mass drives to a more reduced structural response. Finally it has been appreciated than the absorbed energy might be predicted using the velocity pseudo-spectra and a effective fundamental period, that has been defined by using the minimum secant stiffness of the dual system.

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