Use of dampers and seismic connectors in bridges


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Title: Use of dampers and seismic connectors in bridges

Author(s): Forment Costa, J.; Miquel Canet, J.; Aparicio Bengoechea, A.C.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 51

Issue: 217

Appears on pages(s): 81 - 100


Date: 1/5/2000

The earthquakes have always represented one of the most dread destructive phenomena, for they affect the last stability of the structures. The modern societies are not prepared any more to accept them as a fatality, and the trend is now to provide, for structures situated in critical seismic zones, specific devices which nullify, or at least reduce the effect of the earthquakes. In this paper we are going to present the effects that the establishment of two similar seismic devices - the dampers and the seismic connectors - produces in different kinds of bridges

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