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Title: Widening of Los Santos Bridge on A-8 highway, from 12.00 to 24.60 meters, without interrupting traffic

Author(s): Corres Peiretti, H.; García-Arango, I.; Pérez Caldentey, A.; Ramón Ramos, Ó.; Domínguez Aguilar, Ó.; Peset González, L.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 65

Issue: 273

Appears on pages(s): 199 - 220

Keywords: Balanced cantilever construction; External postensioning; Light weight concrete; Interior web; Kneebrace; Steel box girder; Existing structure


Date: 1/5/2014

This paper describes the main features of the Los Santos Bridge widening project and construction. The bridge is 600 m long, with three main spans of 150 m and two exterior spans 75 m. The original deck width has been increased from 12.00 m to 24.60 m, in order to bear two new traffic lanes. The widening project is based on the idea of minimizing the strengthening of the original structure, and has therefore implied an enormous challenge, finally solved with remarkable optimizations, some of which are described in this paper.

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