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Title: Analysis and Comparison of EBR Techniques Applied to Masonry Vaults

Author(s): Elvis Cescatti, Francesca da Porto, Claudio Modena

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 324


Appears on pages(s): 12.1-12.16

Keywords: CFRP, SRG, TRM, Vaults, In-situ testing, analytical models, limit analysis, masonry arches

DOI: 10.14359/51702364

Date: 4/1/2018

The use of Externally Bonded Reinforcement (EBR) techniques is widely increasing in the last decades to strengthen both masonry and RC constructions. The use of different EBR configurations is well established also in the refurbishment of historical masonry constructions. The performance of different EBR techniques applied on existing historic masonry vaults was investigated in this work by means of in-situ destructive tests. The brick barrel vaults were located in Castel San Pietro, Verona (Italy) and were 5.6 m span, 1.1 m rise and 27 cm thick. The research focuses on inorganic applications by textiles and lime mortar matrix. In one case by steel reinforce grout and in the other with basalt textile reinforced mortar. Another system was based on common organic matrix. In addition to the experimental results of the static destructive tests of each vault that are discussed in order to evaluate the different response of such applications in terms of strengthening and ductility, a discussion on analytical models regarding the cross section and than the entire vaults are also provided with the aim to define the ultimate load reached by a strengthened vault. Such unique in-field opportunity allowed also some considerations in terms of efficacy and workability of mortar matrices.