New Zealand Concrete Industry Conference - Rotorua Convention Centre, Rotorua


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Title: New Zealand Concrete Industry Conference - Rotorua Convention Centre, Rotorua


Publication: NZCS



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Date: 10/1/2008

To order copies of NZCS conference and seminar publications, please complete the order form below and return with your payment to the NZCS, PO Box 12, Beachlands, Auckland 2147: Technical Papers - Order Form 20101 Session 1: The Gotthard Base Tunnel Project in Switzerland – Construction of the world’s longest railway tunnel (Jens Classen – CSC, Lugano) Steel Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete at the Karahnjukar Hydrel Project in Iceland (Gustav Bracher – Sika Services AG) Session 2: Field Measurements of Concrete Creep and Shrinkage in Tauranga Harbour Link (Norisham Ibrahim / Piotr Omenzetter – University of Auckland; Peter Lipscombe – URS New Zealand Ltd) Economy of 65/35 Hooked Steel Fibres to replace transverse web and flange reinforcement in pre-stressed TT flooring units (Rhys Rogers / Moustafa Al-Ani / Nicholas Brooke – University of Auckland) Kumutoto Walkway Bridge (Jamil Khan / Rob Jury – Beca) Seismic Performance of Concrete Columns with Inadequate Transverse Reinforcement Alistair Boys / Stefano Pampanin – University of Canterbury; Des Bull – Holmes Consulting Group) Session 2A: (Concurrent Session) Early Age Volume Reduction of Concrete (Kevin McSweeney – Cement Australia Pty Ltd) Aspect of Mix Design (Brett Beatson – Beacon Technical Services Ltd) Pumicite as a Supplementary Cementitious Material (Len McSaveney / Riki Shelford – Golden Bay Cement; Warren South – Blue Circle Southern Cement; Courtney Keep – University of Otago) CFT at Auckland International Airport – Providing rigidity, fire protection and reduced defects for the International Passenger Terminal Extension: Testing the Theory (Campbell Robertson – Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd) Session 3: Eastlink – A Design and Construct Viewpoint (John Dauth / Matthew Gault – John Holland Group Southern region) State of the Art Grouting for Post-Tensioned Structures (Paul Wymer – BBR Contech; Marcel Poser – BBR VT International Ltd) Solutions to Control and Minimise Floor Damage in Precast Concrete Buildings under Severe Earthquake Loading (Alejandro Amaris / Stefano Pampanin / Athol Carr – University of Canterbury; Des Bull – Holmes Consulting Group) The Pike River Coal Mine Project – the supply of high performance concrete in a remote National Park on the West Coast of the South Island (Chris Munn – Allied Concrete Ltd)Session 4: Green Star in the New Zealand Market (Hans Buwalda – New Zealand Green Building Council) ESD is a Structural Issue too: Meridian Building – the first 5-star Greenstar building in NZ (Alistair Cattanach – Dunning Thornton Consultants Ltd) Recycled Concrete Aggregate – European and North American practice and its applicability to New Zealand (Alan Kirby / Rob Gaimster – CCANZ) Uptake of Carbon Dioxide in New Zealand Demolition Concrete: Preliminary Findings (Greg Slaughter / Michael Rynne – Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd; Kiran Dayaram – University of Canterbury; Rob Gaimster – CCANZ; Len McSaveney – Golden Bay Cement) Waste Paint as Admixture in Concrete Masonry Blockfill – From Testing to Implementation (Christopher Haigh – The Nous Group; Jason Ingham – University of Auckland; Paul Donoghue – Firth Industries) Session 4A: (Concurrent Session) Off-shore Concrete Experiences (Barry Marx – Otenz Ltd) Road Transport Issues (Tony Friedlander – Road Transport Forum) Aggregates & Concrete – A Special Relationship (Speaker to be advised) Readymix Technical Issues – An Update (David Barnard – RMCA Technical Committee) Construction Experiences (Bob Clarkson – MP for Tauranga) Session 5: Ormiston Road Cable Stayed Bridge – Cutting Edge Bridge Design and Construction in New Zealand (Alastair Blackler – Fulton Hogan Ltd; Ted Polley – Beca Infrastructure Ltd; Hugo Jackson – Construction Techniques Ltd) Investigation of the Magnitude of Inertial and Transfer Forces in Floor Diaphragms during Seismic Shaking (Debra Gardiner / Athol Carr – University of Canterbury; Des Bull – Holmes Consulting Group) Specifying Industrial Concrete Floors & Pavements (Robert McGuigan – MSC Consulting Group Ltd; Timothy Walker – Conslab Ltd) Fast, Complex and Concrete: Mt Maunganui New World – A Case Study in Collaborative Construction (David Baird – CCANZ)Session 5A: (Concurrent Session) Concrete for the World’s Longest Tunnel – Requirements, Production and Transport of Concrete and Shotcrete for the Gotthard Base Tunnel (Jens Classen – CSC, Lugano) Considerations of the Rheology of Cement Mortars (Michael Khrapko – CBE Consultancy Ltd; Warren South – Blue Circle Southern Cement; Paul-Philip Hagg – University of Auckland) Forget Leaky Homes, Fix the Leaky Dam – Preventing seepage through friable rock layers under Arapuni Dam (Campbell Robertson – Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd) Use of Calcium Carbonate based fine fillers in different concrete applications (Hans-Werner Roth – Omya Group) Session 6: Bridging Trends in NZ – Where does concrete fit in? (Rudolph Kotze – Transit NZ) Kawerau Geothermal Power Plant Project (Bernard Hill – Hawkins Construction Ltd) 21st Century Precast: the detailing and manufacture of NZ’s first multi-storey PRESSS building (Alistair Cattanach – Dunning Thornton Consultants Ltd; Stefano Pampanin – University of Canterbury) NZCS Enduring Concrete Award (Alex Gray – Allied Concrete Ltd)

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