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Title: Technical Committee on Utilization of Prestressing Techniques

Author(s): Minehiro NISHIYAMA, Tadashi NAKATSUKA, Susumu INOUE

Publication: JCI



Appears on pages(s): 49-64

Keywords: Bond, durability, grout, precast, prestress, seismic resistance, unbond


Date: 7/1/2009

The committee summarized issues on prestressed concrete construction since the conclusion of JCI’s “Technical Committee on the Applicability of Prestressed Concrete” organized in 1989, searching the literature in Japan and overseas particularly regarding next-generation prestressed concrete construction and innovative uses for prestressing techniques. The Committee also focused on items that should be clarified for the current design and construction about which information is not fully available. These include the performance requirements for grout for prestressed concrete and post-tensioned connections, effect of statically indeterminate stress on seismic performance, and evaluation of residual crack width after earthquakes. The Committee collected as much data regarding these items as possible. An overwhelmingly larger number of structures have been constructed with prestressed concrete in the civil engineering field than in the architectural engineering field. The committee members from the civil engineering field, in which prestressing techniques are mostly utilized to bear vertical or gravity loads, and those from the architectural engineering field, in which it is to be utilized for improving seismic performance, worked in cooperation, discussed the effective use of this technology, and summarized the results in a report.

Japan Concrete Institute, International Partner Access

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