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Title: Materials Design for Self-Diagnosis of Fracture in CFGFRP Composite Reinforcement

Author(s): M. Sugita, H. Yanagida, and N. Muto

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 143


Appears on pages(s): 97-106

Keywords: electrical resistance; fibers; fracture properties; glass fibers; loads (forces); plastics, polymers and resins; reinforced concrete; structures; Materials Research

DOI: 10.14359/4317

Date: 5/1/1994

Carbon fiber glass fiber reinforced plastic (CFGFRP) is used in concrete structures as a reinforcement material. Appropriate materials design indicates that CFGFRP should be a hybrid of a conductive material with a small ultimate elongation value and an insulating material with a large ultimate elongation value. In the present study, the authors evaluated three types of carbon fiber tows used in CFGFRP composites. They observed a very clear and significant change in electrical resistance at the transition point where carbon fiber tows fractured, and found that this point could be easily controlled though the use of carbon fibers with different ultimate elongation values. The electrical resistance characteristics of CFGFRP-reinforced concrete change along with changing loads. Furthermore, a permanent residual electrical resistance could be observed after the removal of load, and its change was dependent on the maximum load applied. The information on the fracture position was obtained by the arrangement of the CFGFRP composites. Monitoring changes in electrical resistance during and after loading is thus a promising method for anticipating the fracture of CFGFRP-reinforced concrete.