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Title: The Application Potential of Textile-Reinforced Concrete

Author(s): H.N. Schneider and I. Bergmann

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 250


Appears on pages(s): 7-22

Keywords: alkali-resistant glass fibers; application; carbon fibers; lightweight structure; precast concrete; textile-reinforced concrete

Date: 3/1/2008

Textile-reinforced concrete (TRC) is a composite material taking advantage of non-corrosive nature of fiber materials such as alkali-resistant glass (AR-glass), carbon, or aramid for designing slender and filigree structural elements. Compared to short cut fibers, textile reinforcement provides a higher degree of effectiveness because the fiber bundles are arranged in the direction of the main tensile stresses. These properties make TRC a promising construction material suitable for a wide range of structural or cladding applications. The material can be produced in plate or panel form, or as a lattice structure, each of these forms requiring different production and connection techniques. This investigation aims at identifying appropriate applications for TRC. These include façade, housing, and load-bearing systems made using slender TRC elements. Geometric and structural modifications are necessary to improve the performance of thin-walled building components made of textile-reinforced concrete. Using selected applications, this paper outlines the main principles of component design in relation to type of load, method of production, and connection details.


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