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Title: Experimental Study of Prestress Land and Camber in High-Strength SCC Beams

Author(s): S.P. Gross, J.R. Yost, and E. Gaynor

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 247


Appears on pages(s): 77-92

Keywords: camber; creep; high-strength concrete; prestress loss; prestressed; self-consolidating concrete; shrinkage

DOI: 10.14359/19000

Date: 9/1/2007

An experimental program was developed to investigate the time-dependent behavior of prestressed concrete beams constructed with high-strength self-consolidating concrete (SCC). The study involved eight concrete T-beams, each prestressed with a single deformed wire. Four of the beams were cast with high-strength self-consolidating concrete, while the other four were cast with conventional high-strength concrete. Half of the beams were loaded with a sustained load 29 days after release while the other half of the beams were kept unloaded. Testing consisted of monitoring concrete and reinforcement strains, prestress losses, and beam camber for a period of 300 days after release. Elastic modulus, creep, and shrinkage tests were simultaneously conducted on companion cylinder specimens to better define the material properties of the two mixes used in the study. Results showed that the time-dependent behavior of the high-strength SCC beams was inherently similar to that of the conventional high-strength concrete beams. However, the measured time-dependent prestress losses and camber were significantly greater for the self-consolidating high-strength concrete. Complex prediction methods that are flexible enough to consider the actual material properties of the SCC or HSC were found to do the best job of predicting results.