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Title: Durability of Vacuum Saturated Concrete and Gout

Author(s): Orivlle E. Borge, James A. Paxton, and Richard A. Kaden

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 47


Appears on pages(s): 89-100

Keywords: air entrained concretes; air entrainment; compressive strength; curing; drying; freeze-thaw durability; grout; mix proportioning; plastic shrinkage; vacuum treated concrete; voids; volume change; weathering

DOI: 10.14359/17607

Date: 1/1/1975

This paper presents a durability study for concretes and grout with varying air contents which were subjected to both vacuum saturation and freezing and thawing. This adverse condition might simulate years of natural weathering and this provided the designers with useful information. The investigation proved that air-entrained concrete had better durability than non-air entrained concrete regardless of the degress of saturation. In conlusion, sufficient internal void system (air content) is essential for good durability.