Water-Cement Ratio as a Basis of Concrete Quality


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Title: Water-Cement Ratio as a Basis of Concrete Quality

Author(s): Duff A. Abrams

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 23

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 452-457

Keywords: none

Date: 2/1/1927

Tests carried out by the writer (later confirmed by many other investigators) have shown the controlling influence of the quantity of mixing water on the strength and other properties of concrete, regardless of mix, size or grading of aggregates, consistency of concrete, etc., so long as the concrete is plastic. It is assumed that a satisfactory cement is used and that aggregates which are clean and of suitable strength and durability are available. The quantity of mixing water may be expressed in terms of the water-ratio; that is, the ratio of the volume of water to the volume of Portland cement. The actual amount of water to be used in each batch may be measured in U. S. gallons per 94-lb. sack of cement.